Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jammin' Joe The Hobo Goes To Hempstead Turnpike.

"Yo, check this shit out: I was just eating the left over cheese on a Taco Bell wrapper that I found on the curb when I see this mother fucker Al tryin' to steal all my cans from my shopping cart. I yelled 'Yo, you grimey ass mother fucker, I'll kill yo' ass if you touch my Goddamn Coca Cola' and the mother fucker runs off, all limpy and shit. So I picked up some rocks and threw them at his ass. Sneaky mother fucker. When he's sleepin' in the back of the Laundromat, I'm gonna go beat his ass and steal all those Mountain Dew cans I see poppin' out of his pants pockets. Then I'm gonna bring those shits to Coin Star and buy myself a woman. Shit. Anyway, the other night, I saw this skinny ass blonde girl walkin' around and I said 'Yo, Paris Hilton, you got a dollar? Your man needs a can of Hurricane.' Bitch says no. Yeah mother fucking right you ain't go no dollar. I saw your ass 5 minutes later buying a pack of cigarettes and some hummus or whatever you white people eat. Your ass ain't got no dollar for me? Why you gotta do your man Jammin' Joe like that? Cracka'."