Monday, March 16, 2009

On a recent trip to Walgreens to examine multiple hair colors that I'd like to try but won't because I don't feel like damaging my hair again, I saw a girl in a puffy coat and REINDEER pajama pants walking in the Maybelline section. For some reason, I find the idea of actually sporting pajamas with 800 reindeer floating in all sorts of directions in public extremely intriguing for I do not have the balls to do this myself. I began to discreetly follow her and even attempted to take her picture but I think she caught on when she heard my heels that no longer have heel caps and/or perhaps seen my reflection in one of those overhead, shoplifter mirrors. Then I started to feel creepy and as though I was in the same boat as a balding man with intense ear hair and flip flops and turned around. Sheepishly.