Monday, November 2, 2009

I wonder how completely awkward it would be to bring up as much cringe worthy shit to the counter person at Rite Aid? Like super plus absorbency tampons, a pregnancy test, 36 count adult size suppositories, Vagisil, hot when you blow on it lube and a buy one get one free enemas. There are times in life where you need to purchase one of those things, in which case you sort of look around the bend and see if anyone from High School, an ex, or someone you would sleep with is near your vicinity. Then you quickly grab your item and conceal it with your coat/bag/US Weekly magazine and run to the oldest, most senile looking counter woman who you know can't read the label because the letters are too small. Then you bring it home and hide it in your sock drawer. Except for the tampons. Now imagine all of that? I should do that and then attempt to return everything the next day and see how awkward life can get.