Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bitch Lips.

The other week I took it upon myself to google my name and came across some very disheartening information. I found a link to a "contest" I applied to in hopes of winning some insane amount of money that I would surely blow on 5" stiletto boots or a sequined garment of some sort. Nonetheless, this site contained pictures I myself supplied. At the time, I figured this wouldn't be google-able. You googley. Googley boogley. Yet it was and it came equipped with an "Add your comment" section. As I read on, I learned many numerous things about myself including that I am "too skinny" and I that my lips protrude when I take pictures. This I am aware of. Fuckers. Yeah you, fat fucks you. But my poochy lip action is triggered by a camera lens. I can not control this for I have had this condition for many years.

High School Bitch Lips:

Bitch Lips Circa 2004

Present day Bitch Lips:

As I browse through photos of my brothers, I am beginning to believe that this may be hereditary. Could this poochy lipness stem from my Italian descent? Could it just be a Bronx thing? Whatever it may be, I have proof of this through my brothers' self photography via the BlackBerry camera sessions. Let's take a look:

Here we have older brother:

Older photo demonstrating simultaneous sibling bitch lippin' in motion:

Next we have the youngest of us all. This one is popular with the ladies. The poochy lip gene is now beginning to show as he blossoms into a grown, gym addicted, stud muffin of some sort.

So that basically sums up why I can not control what occurs with my lips when prompted to pose. I have since deleted myself from that contest and moved on and learned from this experience and grew and now I am stronger and wiser and believe in women's rights and PETA and donate my eggs for women incapable of bearing children and give my seat to the elderly and handicapped on the N6 and went Green and took interest in purchasing a Hybrid.