Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why I Don't Text Guys First and Lots of Other Stupid Things.

I'm watching Singles for the 900th time today. Everyone has to see this movie and I promise you after you do, you will watch it roughly around that many times as well because it is that good. It came out in 1992 and is set in the Seattle grunge scene and goes into the stories of several, obviously, single people. Although they didn't have iPhones or dating apps or really nothing to save numbers and information in except for a Casio data bank watch, I can still identify with it tremendously. Especially with the Bridget Fonda character. This romantic idealist, filled with hope but for the wrong person. There's a scene where she wants to call the guy she's in love with after he stands her up. She teeters back and forth from trying to convince herself that men like to be called and then wondering if calling him would have her appearing desperate. Later on she realizes that he's just shitty and that she should just be by herself since being alone is so much fun. She ends up doing such cool stuff in her spare time alone like painting the legs of her chair green and eating a salad. And she's so happy! Anyway, with that being said, I never contact guys for similar reasons. I think this stemmed from the one time I called a guy first when I was 17. He answered the phone, and I was so psyched. That is until he said, "Hi Candice, I'm at a wake." I immediately became plagued with cringe ridden regret yet also wondered why in God's name he had a cell phone in 1999 and not a beeper. So nowadays I have this overwhelming fear that all guys are at wakes at all times and that I probably shouldn't bother them. Instead, I just wait for them to contact me which is probably really stupid? I mean, I could be super into a guy and I'll just wait around and paint objects and figure if he doesn't text me, he's just not interested. Anyway, as I was just zoning out, staring at this movie eating a Luna bar, I started thinking, "What could be worse than that? Wait a sec, what kind of maniac answers the phone at a wake? What a maniac, man. This Luna Bar kind of tastes like a wall." Then I figured, someone's gotta come up with a modern day version of this movie. And it's not gonna be me because I don't want to be another asshole in LA sitting at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf off Fairfax writing and discussing my screenplay at that one giant table by the bathroom. Instead, I'll just compile a list of ridiculous things I would never ever do while waiting for a guy to call me even though they could be really funny if I did them. Okay cool, here we go:

Be Upfront:
Text him, "Hey cutie, what happened to that relationship we were supposed to have?" We know how much guys love relationships and they especially love commitment. They'll appreciate your honesty in regards to your high expectations. Let him know that's what you wanted.  If you really want to increase your chances, download that app that morphs faces together and show him what your kid would look like. Then tell him you drew it. Creative girls are sexy so expect lots of sex after that.

Be Real Chill and Hang Out:
Haven't heard from him? No bigs, just go hang out in his favorite cafe, place of employment, yard.
Guys forget easily so it's good if you just place yourself in plain sight so they can remember you. When you see him, go ahead and run, not walk up to him and say, "I knew you'd be here eventually. I've been waiting here for two days. Nice yard." And now that you've spotted your desired one, it's time to...

Woo Him:
Sing him popular songs like "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. But only the African back-up part. Be all like, "Ee yah yaaaaah. Yah yah yah yah. Doopa da da da da da da da yah yah." Just like that. Look directly at him and don't blink at all throughout your love-professing ballad. Guys like confidence, I've read that in lots of blogs. You'll make him conjure up images of John Cusack with a giant boombox and he'll really love you for your efforts and knowledge of bitchin' 80's classics.

Utilize Your Apps:
Go on his Instagram and like all of the photos of his you haven't liked yet. Even though he hasn't texted you back in a year. This'll show your dream guy you don't hold grudges. Guys love cool, calm chicks. And people get really happy when you like their photos on Instagram. Double win.

Utilize Another App:
Post Passive Aggressive Facebook statuses in the shape of bitter love songs. Remember when you'd have to call your favorite radio station and dedicate a song for someone? Now with social media, you can be your own disc jockey! Post a song about a break-up and the excruciating agony associated with it. The lyrics should be along the lines of, "I've cried 19 times today so far and it's only 1pm," or "I can't breathe good without you," or maybe, "I see your face everywhere that I go and my floor even looked like you a little bit so I cried on it." That way he knows where you're coming from, melodically.

Post a Photo of You in This Chair on the Internet:

Sup, dudes.

Overthink Everything and Do the Wrong Thing After:
You're still wondering why he hasn't called? Okay, great! Now think of every possible thing that could've gone wrong and discuss it openly with your crush via text. Make sure you do this no earlier than 2am and after you had copious amounts of caffeine so your imagination is in full swing. Sabotage whatever you could've had and when that's over, go and not think at all and hook-up with someone you just met at a goth club. You've learned that fear destroyed your potential relationship so go ahead and don't have any more of that lingering around in your life. Fear is the devil's way of saying, "Hi, don't use me to fuck up your relationship, but definitely use me with normal stuff."

Yeah, for sure don't do those things. Although I'm guilty of 1.5 of those above mentioned God-awful recommendations. I know, right? I'm thinking that maybe I should change my stance with the way I handle communication by going out on a limb and striking up a conversation with someone I actually like. If not, I may end up with an ex I had zero passion with and convince myself to stay in it by thinking, "No, this is good. Being with him is like being alone, together." Which is another line from the oh-so amazing Singles. That is nice and all, but you have to have some sort of emotion for somebody. Or else you're just settling and no one wants to do that. I'll just have to be sure to begin my text with, "Hey. U at a wake?"